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It has been five years since we release our first theme. I have to admit that we are not a laborious maker. Cuz we only bring 7 themes to you. :( At first, we just make themes for fun and own use. And we’re glad that people like our stuffs. So we try to keep updating. But both of us, me and Zoe, are busy with our works and lives. There’re still some unfinished themes stay in my hard drives, but I don’t think we can finish them now. With the development of BlackBerry and cell phones, themes seen to be not so important now.

We want to thank you for your support all the times. And we will remember the times stay with BlackBerry and Theme Studio. :)

If you still want our themes, you can email us for the files. ( This site shall shut down in the next two months.

It’s hard for us to say goodbye. But it always comes. Thank you again and bye.

SE7EN Theme for OS7



Happy new year! Folks! We’re now support 9350/60/70 phones now.

OTA download link here. Plz do reboot your phone after install the theme.

Due to the theme builder limited, some features cannot realize on certain phones. Please understand and install the theme at your own risk, thank you!

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SE7EN Theme for BlackBerry



Fix universal search bug for 97xx/96xx OS6.

It has been such a long time since our last theme released. And things changed a lot last year. But there’s one thing never changes that is our love to themes.

So you must know that Apple will soon introduce iPhone 5S and iOS7. Some may have tried the iOS7 preview version like me. Although some people don’t think this is a good change, but this will be the most important change after Jobs gone. So if you want to try this style on your BlackBerry, we provide for you.  Read More

Space theme now supports BlackBerry OS7

After many many tries, we finally get our first OS 7 compatible theme. Many thanks to Doug and rezn who help me a lot with this theme. :)

The OS 7 version looks the same as OS 6. But due to the theme builder limitation, we have to keep the dailing screen original.

Here’s some screenshot of this theme, have a look.

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Space theme updates for OS6

Dear friends, we have updated a new version for OS6 devices. (9650/9700/9780)

The new version supports the new features from BlackBerry6 and keep the original style of OS6. You can still download the custom style theme and other versions here.

Try it via OTA or DM!

Space theme for BlackBerry

I’m a big fan of StarCraft. If you have ever played this game, you will feel familiar with this theme. Yes, the home screen is almost the same as it in the game. Space theme is a theme that I want to make for a long time. It has been almost one year since the first image was drawn. And after a long gap, I pick it back and continue to finish it. All the image is made by AI and PS except the homescreen background.  Read More

∞ for BlackBerry

Hey guys! We have been almost one year disappearing form the blog, how’s everything going? This time we are back with an whole new theme! That’s ∞! This year is the Dragon Year in Chinese Year, a very special one. We hope you will have a very infinite year with our theme. :)  Read More

NFS Theme

NFS theme for BlackBerry

Need for Speed is a famous race game from EA. And I’m playing the new NFS 14 all the time last month. :D So this theme is late to meet you. If you have ever played this game, you will easily find that this theme is base on the new interface in the game.

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! I believe you have already prepared the Christmas presents for your family. But what about your BlackBerry? Don’t forget the gift for it. This theme is the best choice for you!

This theme is made by red and white, the best color for Christmas I think. Let’s see some screenshots first.

The homescreen. 6 customizable icons in the dock, no Today support. Adds some extra shortcuts in homescreen as the following.

  • w – manage connectiosn
  • h – SMS & MMS
  • f – profiles
  • r – clock
  • x – Media folder
  • Number 0 – Download folder

App screen. I try to make the icons look like the paper cut effect. How do you think? More screenshots are listed in the end of this post. Read More

Pink Spider Theme

Today is a very special day. 46 years ago, Hide, the Pink Spider was born in Yokosuka, Japan. As a big fan of Hide, we make this theme at this year’s birthday for all the Hide fans.

The inspiration of this theme is learnt from the official hide website,, including some icons, color match and some other elements. Anyway, we hope you could enjoy this theme with Hide.

The homescreen has 6 changeable icons with 7 lines Today plus. You can change the wallpaper yourself as well. The shortcuts in homescreen are,

  • w – manage connectiosn
  • h – SMS & MMS
  • f – profiles
  • r – clock
  • x – Media folder
  • Number 0 – Download folder Read More
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